Hungary, Textile industry, Spinning

Accotex - Tex Parts

Production of spinning cots, aprons and roll covering for textile mills.
Romania, Spinning, Hungary

Allma Zweigniederlassung der Saurer Germany

Your partner for machines, software and complete solutions in different textile applications fields.. With the Allma Product Line, the market segments of tire cord, technical yarns and fancy yarns are well covered.
Romania, Textile industry, Spinning, Weaving, Hungary, Czech Republic/Slovakia


Facilitate the shutting down and dismantling of textile second hand machinery in the sectors of spinning, weaving and finishing.
Hungary, Textile industry, Finishing, Romania


Production of innovative textile machines for the finishing sector in which woven fabrics, non-woven fabrics and knitwear are involved.
Plastics processing, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic/Slovakia


To ensure that high degrees of contamination are filtered from the plastic melt in an economic and efficient manner, BritAS automatic band melt filters work with a special technological concept.
Textile industry, Weaving, Romania, Hungary

Comez International srl

A global leader in machinery technology for the production of crochet and knitting machines for narrow fabrics.
Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic/Slovakia, Hungary, Plastics processing

Coperion GmbH

Worldwide market and technology leader of compounding systems, bulk materials handling systems and components. Individual and turnkey solutions for the plastics processing, chemical and food industry.
Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Plastics processing

Coperion K-TRON

A global leader in the gravimetric and volumetric feeder market, also in pneumatic conveying of dry bulk material market. Single-source supplier for feeding, pneumatic conveying and systems engineering solutions. K-Tron has defined the leading edge of technology for material handling applications in the process industries.
Romania, Textile industry, Non-Woven, Czech Republic/Slovakia


Manufacturer of winding machines, strapping winders, air texturizing lines, glas fiber winders, heating lines, air entangling lines and special purpose machines.
Bulgaria, Textile industry, Non-Woven, Romania, Czech Republic/Slovakia, Hungary


International specialist for nonwovens machinery including opening, blending, carding, crosslapping and needling. All its textile machinery and complete nonwoven lines are renowned worldwide for highest productivity, reliability and production efficiency.
Romania, Weaving, Textile industry, Czech Republic/Slovakia, Hungary


Manufaturer of high qualitative rapier and air-jet weaving machines, film strectching machines, dryers and textile finishing machines.
Hungary, Finishing


World-wide known producer of cotton swabs and cotton pads automatic machines.
Plastics processing, Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic/Slovakia, Hungary

FAS Converting Machinery

Worldwide manufacturer of machines for converting plastic film into bags on roll: Wave–top bags, T-shirt bags, Draw-tape bags, Starfold bags, Drop cloth, Garbage bags, Winding units for the industry.
Bulgaria, Plastics processing, Romania, Hungary


Manufacturer of size reduction equipment for the plastics industry. Reliable supplier of granulators, shredders and pulverisers, machines and systems for the recycling of soft and semi-rigid materials, especially concerning communal plastic waste.
Romania, Textile industry, Knitwear, Hungary


World’s leading manufacturer of braiding machines and winding equipment: packing braiding machines, rope braiding machines, wire braiding machines and special machines.
Romania, Textile industry, Weaving, Hungary

Jakob Müller

World maket leader of warping machines, machinery for ribbons prodution, label weaving and cutting machines, narrow fabric looms, pattern creation and programming software.
Romania, Weaving, Knitwear, Textile industry, Czech Republic/Slovakia, Hungary

Karl Mayer

Worldwide leader in the production of warp knitting and Raschel machines for swim wear and sports wear, lace and curtains, sports shoes, medical textiles, nets, diapers, etc. Specialised in weaving preparation. New technologies: 3D and terrycloth.
Romania, Weaving, Czech Republic/Slovakia

Karl Mayer Rotal

Belongs to the KARL MAYER group. Specialised in the warping preparation unit on the production of sizing and assembling machines for fibre and synthetic yarns.
Hungary, Plant construction, Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic/Slovakia


Company specialised for design, engineering and consulting, providing individual and turnkey solutions in the segments of food, pharmaceutical, chemical industry and automation technology.
Bulgaria, Textile industry, Finishing, Romania, Czech Republic/Slovakia, Hungary

Loris Bellini

Production of high quality dyeing machinery. Dyeing of yarn package, hank, hosiery and warp beam, steaming, linen rove bleaching, production of dosying systems, process automation and additional equipment.
Romania, Knitwear, Hungary


Worldwide known producer of flat knitting machines and gloves knitting machines.
Poland, Finishing, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic/Slovakia


A competent partner in the textile industry, in the plastic film, artificial leather, nonwovens, paper, rubber, glass and carbon fibre industry. Your partner for complete textile finishing from winding technology via wet finishing and coating to cloth inspection.
Hungary, Spinning


World-wide leader in the production of joining devices for textile industry with a complete range of splicers and knotters, both in automatic and hand-operated versions, to be fitted on all types of textile machine to join yarns of different nature (in type of fibre, structure and spinning system).
Romania, Energy units


Worldwide acting system supplier for turnkey installations or single systems for incineration, energy recovery and clean air technology with more than 500 installations. Complete services, from planning to commissioning, in case of hazardous waste too.
Bulgaria, Plastics processing, Romania, Czech Republic/Slovakia, Hungary


Mixing systems form the core of industrial production processes in many branches. Serves companies of the plastics processing, chemical, paint and building materials industry throughout the world.
Bulgaria, Plastics processing, Romania, Hungary


Well known as a market-oriented technology company in the area of reprocessing thermoplastic production wastes. Converts your production scrap into high-quality pellets.
Plant construction, Romania, Czech Republic/Slovakia, Hungary, Medical technics, Finishing

ontec automation GmbH

Develops and builds automation systems and special machinery for industrial fabrications. Has special experts and experience in the branches of technical textiles, medical technology, automotive, green energy, aviation and in the food processing industry.
Plastics processing, Hungary, Czech Republic/Slovakia, Romania, Textile industry, Finishing


Worldwide leader in feeding and cutting equipment for textile and plastics industries.
Romania, Weaving, Hungary


Founded in 1956 as an independent enterprise for the production, sale and maintenance of opto-electronic thread control systems for the textile industry.
Poland, Spinning, Romania, Hungary


Leading supplier to the textile and automotive industries. Develops and produces machinery and systems for manufacturing yarns and nonwovens. Its core business is machinery and components for converting natural and manmade fibers and their blends into yarns.
Plastics processing, Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic/Slovakia, Hungary

Rossi (Tessitura Tele Metalliche di Rossi Oliviero)

Producer of nets, wire mesh and electro-welded mesh in different sectors, such as: industrial filters, oil & gas, automotive, protections, housewares, hardware.
Plastics processing, Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic/Slovakia, Hungary

SIMA Extrusion Technologies

Offers extrusion lines with complete know-how, from pellet processing to packing of finished product, availing itself also of the most modern systems of computer aided design (CAD). SIMA’s manufacturing product range include a very wide range of equipments manufacturing products for the packaging industries like strap, yarn, mono or multifilament, for the textile industries like mono and multifilament or tapes, and for the production of artificial grass, ether monofilament or fibrillated tapes.
Romania, Textile industry, Non-Woven, Hungary, Czech Republic/Slovakia


Together with the group companies Dilo is the worldwide leading supplier of machines and production lines for the nonwovens industry. The cards are characterized by the highest productivity and efficiency as well as superior web quality and evenness.
Romania, Spinning, Czech Republic/Slovakia, Hungary


Specialised in the production of air texturing and false twist texturing machines, assembly winding, yarn singeing, and sewing thread machinery.
Romania, Textile industry, Non-Woven, Hungary, Czech Republic/Slovakia


As member of the Dilo group is recognized worldwide as a specialist in opening, cleaning and blending of synthetics or natural fibres. The predominant part of the production is exported to countries throughout the world by an international network of agents.
Plastics processing, Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic/Slovakia, Hungary

TOMRA Systems GmbH

As a technology leader, TOMRA Sorting Solutions continues to be pioneer in sensor-based sorting in the waste and metal recycling industries by using established and renowned industry expertise to provide state-of-the-art machines and exceptional service throughout the entire process.
Romania, Spinning, Hungary, Czech Republic/Slovakia

Trützschler TCC

Belongs to the Trützschler group. One of the world's leading manufacturers of card clothing for high production cards of cotton, non-woven and mixing of wool.
Hungary, Spinning


Specialised in designing and producing twisting machines.
Romania, Spinning, Hungary

Volkmann Zweigniederlassung der Saurer Germany

Your partner for machines, software and complete solutions in different textile applications fields.. The Volkmann Product Line operates very successfully in the market segments of staple fibre yarns, glass filament yarns and carpet yarns.
Bulgaria, Plastics processing, Hungary


Development and building of extrusion plants, in particular for profiles and pipes: gearboxes, especially for extrusion to transmit high torques, production of screws and cylinders.
Hungary, Romania, Plant construction, Bulgaria


Is an international group of companies of engineering and construction of high technology content plants in different fields: oil, petrochemicals, chemical, pharmaceutical, environment, artificial snow, production and distribution of energy.
Hungary, Spinning


Has been working for over 50 years in the field of accessories for textile machines and has specifically devoted itself to the transmission systems of spinning frames and twisters in order to conform them to the latest developments of modern technology.